RF Technology

SERMA Ingénierie is responsible for the development and manufacturing of high-performance, complete systems and sub-systems for wireless telecommunication infrastructures.

Full Transmitter/Receiver chains

SERMA develops full transmission and reception chains ranging from 100MHz to 6GHz.
Based on platforms that combine both digital and analogue devices (FPGA, DAC, ADC, Transceiver/Receiver), these chains are able to:

  • Generate and receive signals
  • Convert up and down frequencies (mixers, LO, etc.).
  • Perform modulation and demodulation of signals
  • Highly sensitive, thanks to LNAs with a low noise factor

These chains are also agile in terms of frequency: SDR (Software Defined Radio).

RF power amplifiers

SERMA develops RF power amplifiers ranging from several milliwatts to several hundred Watts.
They enable us to achieve extremely accurate results, via skilled handling of:

  • The various types of transistor technologies: LDMOS, GaN, etc.
  • Advanced amplifier architecture techniques: Class AB, Doherty Amplifier, Asymmetric Doherty Amplifier, etc.

These amplifiers also enable us to achieve high levels of linearity thanks to the use of error correction technologies:

  • Analogue-corrected amplifiers (Feedforward, Cartesian Feedback)
  • Digitally-corrected amplifiers (Digital Pre-Distortion, CFR)