Certificates and accreditations

In a context driven by continuous improvement, the quality management approach adopted by all SERMA Ingénierie sites is based on ISO 9001 certification.

Our Cornebarrieu site (in the Toulouse region) has gone a step further by implementing an organisation and structure in line with the EN 9100 standard. This site has also obtained the accreditations awarded by the main Civil Aviation Authorities:

  • European Aviation Safety Agency for PART 21G and PART 145
  • Federal Aviation Administration for FAR 145
  • Civil Aviation Administration of China for CCAR 145
  • Transport Canada Civil Aviation for CAR 573

As a result, production and maintenance of embedded devices (computers, OBRMs, etc.) are delivered to manufacturers and airlines directly with the related regulatory release notes.

Certification bodies:


SERMA Ingénierie is committed to complying with and promoting the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy driven by SERMA Group, with its related values channelled into 4 strategic areas:

  • Develop innovative products and processes while striving to minimise environmental impacts
  • Cascade our requirements and those of our customers to our suppliers and partners
  • Develop a team of high-performing personnel who fully support the Group’s integrity-based culture
  • Give priority to exchanges among all stakeholders, guaranteeing they obtain the level of performance they expect in terms of quality, security and cost

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