AW2S announced its partnership with Amphenol
Apr 19

SERMA AW2S, subsidiary of SERMA Ingénierie specialized in design & manufacturing of advanced radio products for wireless infrastructures – is pleased to announce the start of a new partnership with Amphenol Antenna Solutions (AAS), the global supplier of Antenna Solutions and Accessories for Massive MIMO and Active Antennas.


Combining AW2S expertise in embedded electronic for various applications and AAS know-how in the antenna market for cellular applications will enable the 2 companies to offer new solutions for advanced 5G antennas.

Since the first 4G and TD-LTE applications, the Radio Front End and the Antenna (radiating) System have followed a trend for closer integration with the promise of enhanced end-to-end performance. The transceiver ecosystem in 4G today and 5G tomorrow needs to face the challenges of advanced antenna features for the best possible return on investment for Carriers. Thus, developing the 2 systems in collaboration becomes crucial. AW2S and AAS plan to mutualize their expertise and share their labs in order to bring to the market the active antenna solutions that Mobile Network Operators will be looking for.

AW2S and AAS intend to collaborate on various projects including Massive MIMO 64T64R with 3D beamforming capabilities in the 5G targeted frequency bands. And because virtualization and innovation are key drivers for our collaboration, AW2S is involved in the X-RAN project.

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